Max Acceleration
Max Torque


The mark that redefined mobility. Hero S performance electric scooter are designed to give you electrifying experience every time you ride.

Styles & Sleek

Pure beauty in the daylight, attention grabbing in the nightlight. Hero S8 has a series of refined exterior that is visually striking to shine.


Play Harder.Front & Rear robust suspensions coupled with custom damping, provide the comfort in speed as you can take on anything

Safer & further

Tested in the highest standard facility. Equipped with certificated lithium battery cells, giving you the best range it can provide, while keeping the ride smooth.


Ghost white/Space Black/
Anchor grey
1270 x 1110 x 560mm
LED light
Front and rear led light, iconic acrylic light stick
max power output
Up to 800watt
Disc Brake
Front and Rear mounted caliper
Brake Systems
EBS (Electronic Braking System)
Front and rear dual suspension
Voltage & Power
48Voltage & 800watt
Up to 65km range
Head Quarter
Jinhua HERO Technology Co.,Ltd
Lingxiazhu Industrial Zone, Jindong District, Jinhua City, Zhejiang Province, China 321042
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